Active Lifestyles

This is a health related programme developed in partnership with the Local Authority Health Promotions Unit and the Isle of Wight PCT to deliver a Reception or Year 6 physical activity promotion programme.  We will educate your pupils about having a healthy lifestyle in a fun and safe environment to help tackle the obesity agenda linked to the national weights and measures prgramme delivered by the PCT.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Increase the amount of physical activity by all young people in Reception class or Year 6 to help reduce the risk of health problems associated with sedentary or low active lifestyles.


  • Engage arents/carers to embed the healthy lifestyles message into family life by encouraging the parents to participate in the activity.


  • Support the school to think differently about how they offer physical activity opportunities to young people and motivate them to be active.

We will deliver 6 weekly sessions of 45 minutes of additional physical activity.


For more information please contact Andy Day: 07970009509



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