Gifted and Talented

We can provide a PE extension programme for you Gifted and Talented pupils identified within PE lessons.  As with academic subjects bring like minded and ability pupils together to learn and develop new skills and enhance existing skills which will help pupils to reach their full potential.

We can deliver as a cluster, a 10 week Gifted and Talented programme for pupils in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6.  Th session will be weekly, lasting 1.5 hours, with each year group attending on a rotation, once every 3 weeks or in a block of 10 weeks.

Each pupil attending will receive a leadership passport to record each session and they will be expected to feedback to their school on the delivery programme.  The Programme will follow the multi sport principles and will be based around sporting seasons.


The total cost of the programme will be divided by the number of schools signed up.  Please contact us for additional information on how this programme can be delivered across the cluster or schools.


For more information please contact Mark Woodhouse: 07779641490


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