Laser Combat

Premier School Sport Coaching presents Premier Laser Combat the exhilarating, team oriented combat game suitable for people of all abilities from age 7 years upwards.

If  you enjoy playing the Xbox , playstation and Nintendo games now it is time to LIVE them! Gamers kit up with lightweight weapons with sensors firmly attached to caps/helmets and guns.  Aiming through red dot sights they shoot precision beams of light sensors.  These will flash to register a hit.  When players run out of allocated lives the guns will deactivate.

We specialise  in outdoor laser combat activities and with our expertise and realistic missions we will transform you into a team, an elite force capable of carrying out out any mission.

So kit up in your camouflage and get ready for the best experience you can get in modern warfare gaming.


For more information please call Vanessa Herridge: 07810693182


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