Rock Climbing

Our 12 meter purpose built artificial climbing wall is located at Sandown Bay Academy, having over 40 routes with a total variation of ability sets.  All of our instructors are CRB checked and have vast experience working with children.

Premier School Sport Coaching can offer an array of different sessions to suit the needs of our clients.  We pride ourselves in providing a personal service and tailored courses to achieve this.  All our sessions and the learning within them will be age and ability appropriate.

Rewards Sessions

The aim of this type of session is to purely have fun and is very popular among schools as a one off award at the end of term or likewise.

Reward Development Session

Similarly to the above sessions are about having fun but with a degree of learning and team building involved.  We focus these sessions on students at schools struggling with behavior management and will see the sessions as a reward or as something to earn , which is why we have focused on development during these sessions.  For example self reviewing and looking at goals will be be discussed.  These can last up to 3 hours with groups of up to 12 students.

Practical Learning Courses

The length of this course can be discussed , however they usually last 4-6 weeks with a session once a week.  The aim of this course is to learn how to rock climb including the use of equipment and ropes down to the physical techniques of climbing itself.

Development Courses

The length of this course will be discussed but usually lasting 4 weeks with up to 12 students and a session once a week.  This type of course is used as a development aid not only in behavior management but used to push forward positive traits such as boosting self confidence or good teamwork and communication in students.


All our sessions can include students with disabilities.

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